Auction Verdicts (2 or 3 hours)
Our most requested course.  The class takes auctioneers through key United States Supreme Court and state supreme court cases involving auctioneers.  Attendees leave with both court decisions and rules and procedures that can be immediately implemented at home.

Auction Risk Mitigation (Sellers) (2 hours)
When reducing risk with auction sellers, creating and precisely following a properly-written contract is absolutely crucial. Nothing should be hidden … no secret profits, no unrealistic expectations.  We discuss the importance of urgency and equity in the process, what to watch for when reselling property, and more.

Auction Risk Mitigation (Buyers) (2 hours)
Auctions can save time, establish fairness and bring clarity to the process for all involved. That doesn’t mean all auctions are perfect.  Learn how to provide a safe environment and set and stick to registration terms. Discover the fallacy of disclaiming expressed warranties, why you should offer reasonable preview opportunities, and more.

Auctioneer Ethics (2 or 3 hours)
Ever sat through a boring, tedious ethics class?  You’ll have the opposite experience here as attendees browse ethics in a lighthearted, general overview and explore how auctioneers are viewed by the general public.

Auction Legal Considerations (2 hours)
All auction-related legal considerations including ivory, taxidermy, forgeries, counterfeits, replicas, reproductions, knockoffs, firearms, online auction fraud, benefit auction issues, disclosing sale or auction total prices, audio, and video recording, and a material court ruling about “all bidders at an auction must stand on equal footing.”

UCC 2-328 (2 or 3 hours)
No other four paragraphs of auction law affect every single auctioneer in the country. These important paragraphs are explored with common interpretations, as well as dispelling longstanding myths in a humorous, memorable fashion.

Selling firearms at auction (3 hours)
Auctioneers selling guns at auction can realize huge profits, but must be exceptionally careful as penalties for missteps can be substantial. This class explores all federal gun laws applicable to auctioneers and addresses common questions regarding these regulations.

My 10 years as an auction expert witness (2 hours)
A tour through over 20 cases involving the auction industry (auctioneers, sellers, bidders, buyers — actual names withheld in some instances) throughout the United States. Attendees leave with information they can apply in their businesses to prevent similar lawsuits.

The Courts & the UCC 2-328 (1.5 hours)
A detailed look at how the courts around the United States have viewed the UCC 2-328. No other four paragraphs of auction law affect every single auctioneer in the country. Common myths are explored in an unforgettable fashion.

Essentials regarding auction contracts (1 or 2 hours)
Auctioneers enter into (and form) more contracts than any other occupation on earth. From bid-calling contracts, to contracts with clients to registration agreements, we cover all types of contracts and important terms to have incorporated.

Bid calling in the United States (2 or 3 hours)
What exactly does saying, “Sold!” mean?  What does, “You’re in!” or “You’re out!” really mean legally?  Can you take a bid from more than one bidder?  Can you have a tie bid?  Think you know those answers?  We explore all this and much more.

Baby boomers and more (2 or 3 hours)
Your 75-year-old bidder likes Cambridge glass, your 35-year-old bidder ls looking for a certain Matchbox car, and the 20-year-old bidder wouldn’t know a matchbox car or a piece of Cambridge glass if either fell on his head.  What does this mean for auctioneers?

Personal property appraisal for auctioneers (2, 3, or 6 hours)
Many auctioneers can and do supplement their income by performing personal property appraisals.  Learn all about the appraisal business including the process and much more.  6-hour attendees prepare appraisals using all three standard appraisal methods.

Absolute auctions (2 or 3 hours)
Absolute auctions demand the most attention from potential buyers and the highest prices in the auction industry.  We explore in this class the legal basis for an absolute auction and common misconceptions including combining absolute auctions with any type of reserve auction.

Staying in the auction business (2 or 3 hours)
And you thought it was hard to get into the auction business?  How about staying in the auction business?  This class discusses key issues for auctioneers to address once they are established including contracts, insurance, business structure, education, and ever-changing demographics.

Auctioneer voice care (2 hours)
Live bid callers can make upwards of $5,000 per day in the United States.  Proper voice care is essential for these auctioneers.  Learn how your vocal cords work, how to care for them and yourself, and much more.

State auctioneer laws & regulations (2 or 3 hours)
This class explores all the applicable state statutes, regulations, and administrative rules for any particular state.  Classes can be developed for any state or jurisdiction, and include applicable federal laws.

Civil rights for auctioneers (3 hours)
All auctioneers, and particularly real property auctioneers, must be aware of civil rights, fair housing and protected classes. This class takes the attendees on an interesting ride from early civil rights concepts to a 3rd-grade class in Riceville, Iowa.

Hot Auction Topics:  The Top 5 (2-3 hours)
Want a lively discussion with another auctioneer?  Just discuss the buyer’s premium, absentee bids, guns at auction, online vs. live auctions, or absolute auctions and you might be talking all night.  Well, how about a room full of auctioneers?  The class involves a managed discussion of all in regard to perception versus reality.

Real Estate at auction (2-3 hours)
Real estate is the fastest-growing segment of the auction industry.  Explore the different formats for real estate auctions, the statute of frauds, temporary buyer agency, and contracts used.  Particular real estate auction cases are analyzed.

Auctioneer human resources (2-3 hours)
Michael Jordan said, “There is no ‘i’ in team, but there is in win.” This class discusses how to build a winning auction team and win in the auction business.  Hiring techniques, apprentice programs, and knowing when to hire and fire are discussed.

Auctioneer Safety (2 hours)
Auctioneers often find themselves in dangerous situations. These include hazardous environments and working with people capable of crimes including bodily harm. How can auctioneers help guard against these potential threats? We discuss in detail including video presentations and practice exercises.

Auction House Operations (2 or 3 hours)
Want to open or better maintain an auction house? We discuss all the important considerations, plus explore the oldest and most typical auction houses in the United States. Breakout sessions study and resolve common auction house issues.

Pitfalls of Inconsistency at auction (1 or 2 hours)
Are there merits to consistency in the auction business? Without question there are. These involve contracts, bidder registration, bid increments, absentee & phone bids, closing the bidding, and staffing issues.

Legal auction forum open Q & A session (1 or 2 hours)
We address any and all auction-related legal questions. For instance, what’s going on in the courts around the United States? How can you avoid court? What are common misunderstandings in the auction industry? What are the trends we’re seeing in auction lawsuits?

Bankruptcy auctions (1 or 2 hours)
What are the different types of bankruptcy auctions? Where can auctioneers help in these cases? Who is the contact? What’s required for auctioneers selling in bankruptcy auctions? We address all this and much more.

Preventing & Managing Business Disasters (3.5 hours)
This class discusses all the ways auctioneers can both prevent and recover from disasters. Whether that disaster is death, incompetence, a public relations nightmare, a crazy client, or even theft, this class addresses key business decisions which will help auctioneers avoid and mitigate such disasters.